Sociology of Marriage and Family

To summarize the first week of class all I can really say is Wow!!  I set the bar pretty high for you as a class and you met (and surpassed) my expectations!! Many of you completed the assignments before the due date and corresponded with me to ensure that you intend to stay enrolled in the course and participate!

As many of you may already know, the last couple of weeks have been very busy for me.  On Friday August 19 I gave birth to my third little girl so I was unable to correspond with you as frequently as I would have liked to that first weekend of class.  There were a couple of quirks (such as the crazy syllabus quiz and lack of orientation assignment) but we were able to navigate our way around that and successfully end our first week of classes.  You guys were awesome!  Also, if you ever email and I don't get back to you within the designated time (24 hours during the week and by Monday during the weekend), feel free to send me a reminder email.  Sometimes emails get send to my junk email or filed in the wrong place.  It is my intention to keep very open lines of communication with my students.

Also, I was IMPRESSED by your introductory wikis.  We have such a diverse, eclectic, interesting, and dedicated group of students.  If you haven't had a chance to read the wikis on your classmates I encourage you to do so.  Everyone brings such unique life experiences to the course.  These life experiences help shape who we are as individuals...not one of you is the same and that is something to take into consideration when taking a class such as this one.  We have unique beliefs, morals, and values! 

As for this blog, I will be maintaining it to keep in touch with you all, giving you feedback on your work for the week or just ranting (kinda like a mini lecture) on any topic we discuss.  Feel free to post comments here, as well as any questions on the material or if you have a topic that you would like to discuss with the class just drop a comment here.  I'll try my best to address it.  For example if you want to discuss or have a question regarding all the various feminism, just ask here!

Keep checking your student gmail accounts as I do send announcements to those email accounts.  That is the primary way I correspond with you if I have a question for you or a reminder.

Keep up the great work!!

rie takeuchi
8/31/2011 07:22:14


I really like the picture you used at the top of the page. it looks like a painting.
and thank you for sharing your family pictures, too. you have a lovely family.

Veronica Ruiz
9/1/2011 15:35:39

Congratulations on your new baby!


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