Sociology of Marriage and Family

This week you learned the definition of family and how fluid and dynamic it actually is.  A definition that is so unique to every individual.  So with that being said I'll pose a question to you...Should family be defined by the government or should it just be left to an individual to determine who is their family?  This is a topic that has been debated and we'll discuss this more when we define marriage.  Here are some definitions of family that you all came up that I thought were great!
"Family to me is made up of people and even sometimes animals for some, that are loved and an important part of life and happiness.  I do not feel that bloodlines are required to be considered family."
"I believe a family consists of people who love, respect, care for and are loyal to each other. They look out for each other and have the only each other's best interests at heart"
"My definition of family would have to be the people that help you through the days, give you the support/love you are looking for, and people that help you with financial problems without a second thought. Family means the people that have surround you with love, economic support and responsibilities.
"Family are people who you can turn to whenever you need to for security, reassurance, guidance and love.  Family gives the sense of belonging."

I love all these definitions because they are inclusive of every one and every possible family type that we can think of.  Family isn't just about blood or marriage, its about trust, love, bonds, support, shared responsibilities, security, guidance, love, nurturing, joy, tears, respect, loyalty, and the list can go on forever. 

We also learned how rapidly the American Family is changing.  It doesn't look like a stereotypical nuclear family, but can range from a blended family, to a single parent family, to an interracial/ethnic family, a gay/lesbian family, an adoptive family, so on and so on!  The variety of families in the US make our country so unique and exciting.  Later on in the semester we'll discuss how different our families are here in our "class". 

Books for Children:

Love is a Family by Roma Downey

The Family Book by Todd Parr

All Families Are Special by Norma Simon and Teresa Flavin

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